Student Government gains major dance profits

Student Government was able to earn more profits than normal from the homecoming dance.

By Diego Gonzalez, Staff–

According to ASB bookkeeper Julieta Kamin, this year’s homecoming dance sold 45% more tickets than last year. This vast increase in students attending the dance caused various issues as to where the dance should be held since the amount of students participating was surprisingly larger.   

“Money raised by the students is to be spend by the students and to contribute to the school,” ASB bookkeeper Julieta Kamin said

Student Government spends up to $3,000 or $4,000 on all the decorations, food, club events, rallies and events during homecoming week, such as the door decorating contest.

Due to this year’s larger-than-normal profit from the homecoming dance, more money will go to California Association of Student Leaders, a forum for student expression, and future dances such as Winter Ball and prom. CASL will help students learn how to be more effective leaders.

“[CASL is] a wonderful opportunity for the class, Student Government works countless hours during and after school to put on this dance,” senior and Student Government representative Lauren Giovannetti said

CASL requires a large part of the Student Government fund. To travel and attend the conference costs $375 dollars per person. 32 people are allowed to go to the conference making the total price $12,000. However, this year’s homecoming profits combined with the profits of dances to come should pay for this expensive, but important learning experience for the new coming students.

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