Door decorating results revealed

Sophomores Cate Scheuring, Hudson Garland (top) and Cameron Swanson (bottom) stand in front of teacher Pete Haws’ door which has been decorated for the annual homecoming door decoration competition.

By Jaspreet Baath, Staff–

The door decorating contest has been a tradition at Davis High for many years, and this year’s winners were announced on Oct. 20.

The competition was divided into four different categories with Sarah O’Keefe’s class as winner of the best haunted door, Drew Barclay’s with the spookiest experience and the counseling office winning the most artistic door.

Junior Rachel Hedman was in charge of the door decorating contest, and helped judge.

“It was hard deciding which the best door was, however having multiple categories helped make the judging part easier,” Hedman said. 

However, this year there was a new addition of a category called Above & Beyond for the finance office specifically for the extra effort they put into their door.

“We wanted their work to be recognized and felt they deserved something but their door didn’t perfectly fit into one category,” Hedman said.

There was less participation than the previous year, but classes chose to make their door more interactive, taking the decorations into the actual classroom.

“There was more spirit with whole classes getting involved in the competition,” Hedman said.  

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