Feminism Club staunchly seeks tampon dispensers

Hand-dryers, not tampon dispensers, were installed over the summer.

By Mattias Apse,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Instead of installing tampon dispensers, which Feminism Club has been lobbying for, Davis High has installed hand dryers in the girl’s bathroom. 

Feminism Club president and senior Kayla Nunes noted that the tampons are already available in the office, but have yet to be transferred to bathrooms.

The effort to supply free tampons in the women’s bathrooms was started last year by DHS alumna Willa Moffatt. Nunes remembers “bumps in the road” in the process.

“The [previous] student body president didn’t want to pay for it, [so] we had to raise the funds,” Nunes said.

Eventually, the tampons were delivered, and now reside in the office. Nunes doesn’t yet know when the dispensers will be installed, but wants it done soon.

“It’s really important and [the dispensers] were promised to us,” she said.

Other students feel the same. Senior Kate Honig thinks that “they should install it soon,” as well as senior Rocket Drew. Drew was also interested in the dispensers from a sociological perspective.

“It’ll be cool to see how people use it, if they respect the common ownership [aspect] of it,” Drew said.

Nunes added that DHS is somewhat of an outlier with regards to the dispensers.

“It’s very common in other high schools. Other students and adults are shocked we don’t have it,” Nunes said.

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