Students supply bowls for Soup Auction

Junior Qianyi Wang participated in the bowl making project for the Soup Auction, making one bowl in her AP Ceramics class. (Courtesy: Qianyi Wang)

By Molly Burke, Staff–

Soroptimist International of Davis– a charity group that focus on bettering the lives of women and children, with a special focus on foster youth– will host their annual Soup Auction at the Odd Fellows Hall on Nov. 16.

Davis High parent Donna Gulsvig joined the group when she moved to Davis two years ago. Last year, she contacted her daughter’s AP Ceramics teacher, Doug Wright, about making bowls for the Soup Auction.

The event features an auction and dinner of soup and bread, which is served in bowls made by DHS students. All of the proceeds go to benefit projects and charities that help women and children, with a particular emphasis on foster youth.

Last year, the bowls brought in $220 at $10 a piece.

“The soups bowls were a hot item and Grace sold them in less than an hour,” Gulsvig said.

She was very grateful that Wright was able to get students to help out and thought it was the “coolest thing ever.”

Wright himself is involved with foster youth, having fostered children with his wife for several years.

He explained that the money benefits foster youth being aged out of the program.

“It’s a very challenging time when you didn’t have a family or maybe had various families and then all of a sudden it’s like time to be an adult,” Wright said.

He happily agreed to help in the Soroptimist group project because he thought that it would be good for the art students.

“I think it’s great for students to have an opportunity to do something for others and the arts is a perfect vehicle for that. Art is a great medium for raising money and for increasing awareness of needs. It’s a selfless act that students can be a part of,” Wright said.

The teacher was very happy with the outcome of last year’s involvement, but fears that they won’t produce as many bowls this year.

Junior Qianyi Wang was one of the students in Wright’s class who contributed a bowl to the project.

“It took me about an hour or two,” Wang said.

Her bowl features a cat positioned on the side of the bowl. Her work of art is now in the kiln and will soon be glazed and put in the kiln again.

No matter the amount made, Gulsvig is grateful towards both the students and Wright.

“Everyone loved that Davis High was involved,” she said.

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