ALUMNI: Athena Chapman

By Jayke Sommers, Staff–

Athena Chapman, Vice President of California Association of Health Plans (CAHP), spends her day representing California’s health plans.

The CAHP is a state regulatory agency with 49 licensed members. Chapman represents the 24 Medi-Cal care plans.

Chapman lived in Davis for years and graduated from Davis High in 1998. She then attended George Mason University.

During her senior year in high school, Chapman studied abroad in Costa Rica.

“It was significant for me in all parts of my life, including my career, because it gave me a confidence in myself that I am not sure I would have otherwise achieved,” Chapman said. “My time at DHS and the support and education I received helped me to succeed in college and graduate school. Being able to complete additional education gave me the opportunity to apply and receive the Presidential Management Fellowship.”

The PMF led Chapman into the healthcare field.

Her office is now in Sacramento and she has moved back to Davis.

When Chapman started at CAHP six years ago, she was director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs. She worked hard, demonstrated her value to CAHP and its members, and was later named the first Vice President of State Programs for CAHP.

Suzanne Sommers, a friend of Chapman, is also an alumna.

“[Chapman] has a very high pressured job and works hard and she still has time to teach yoga, help out with her family record shop and be involved with her two young boys’ activities,” Sommers said.

Sommers added that Chapman is always positive and has a smile on her face.

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