Students share thoughts on Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is celebrated on Dec. 10 every year. The United Nations General Assembly created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

By Maggie Warren, Staff–

Human Rights Day is celebrated worldwide every year on Dec.10. The day has been enjoyed for 69 years. It falls on Dec.10 in order to honor the United Nations General Assembly adoption and proclamation.

A lot of people are not aware of the day, and do not celebrate it.

“I didn’t celebrate Human Rights Day because I didn’t even know it was that day. However I understand the importance of it. People really just need to appreciate one another,” junior Ellery McIsaac said.

Even though many don’t acknowledge the holiday, the importance of the day is still recognized.

“It’s important because you can acknowledge other races and all of that and you can learn about other people […] It’s a day of connecting with people,” senior Heidi Miller said.

For senior Kobe Ishisaka-Nolfi, the day is about appreciating everyone, no matter their differences.

“Humans rights day is everyday, everyday I’m acknowledging all those races and religions,” Ishisaka-Nolfi said.

The world is full of differing religions, sexes, races and more. It’s important to recognize everyone and accept the unique differences that make us all human.

It’s recommended on this day to go out and have fun with family and friends and be grateful for everyone you know and love.

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