Seniors undergo the final stretch

With the second semester at Davis High underway, graduation day for seniors is fast approaching as they finish out their high school career and prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

By Paige Ochoa, Staff–

In just a few months, the graduating class of 2018 will be moving on from their time at Davis High and reflecting upon their three years as a Blue Devil. 

“All I’m trying to do is to get good grades so I can move on, and not struggle with senioritis,” senior Sadie Marigo said.

One of the biggest obstacles for DHS seniors to hurdle are the famous symptoms of senioritis. Forgetting homework, not studying, poor use of time management and skipping class are just a few symptoms of senioritis. However, not all students suffer from the “illness” or the strong desire to move on from DHS onto bigger and better things.

Senior Leah Pinto is not thinking about the future quite yet and is in fact, still trying to enjoy her final days at DHS.

“I feel like as DHS students, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do well in preparation for the future, that we don’t always enjoy the present,” Pinto said.  

Agreeing with Pinto, senior Tyler Mortensen wishes he had taken advantage of his time in high school, like going to lots of school events, as “you only have one opportunity to do that, you’re only in high school once,” Mortensen said.

Even so, most DHS seniors are “so ready to enter a new chapter in [their] lives and go to college,” Pinto said.

Tyler Mortensen expresses his hopes for his last semester of high school as well as reflects back on his favorite aspect of DHS in the audio below


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