Davis Pedals soon to add to Davis life

The Davis Pedals bus will be renamed and painted before its release.

By Ainsley Dahl,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

James Meinert embarked on an adventure of creation last January and his product will finally hit the streets mid February.

Meinert’s “Davis Pedals” is a bus powered by bikes. The bus will cruise through the streets of Davis, stopping at local bars or pizza places for birthday parties.

The idea came from the Sacramento bike bus businesses, after the Meinert family took a ride through Sacramento in the vehicle.

Once Meinert realized his goal was achievable and that the City of Davis would grant him a permit, he found a used bike in Washington after his plan to have one manufactured fell through. Meinert could not be stopped after the endless papers and city council meetings.

“He’s like a really excited 10- year- old boy, and it’s so fun to see him excited about things,” James’ wife Laura Meinert said.

“This will give more business to places downtown and for people that come to visit Davis can have a tour of the town,” family friend Kooper Kijanka said.

Meinert was thrilled to start his business and adapt the idea to a small, bike-loving town like Davis. He hopes the bus will cater to both adults and college students.

“We thought with all those student tours on that big campus [at UC Davis] they could cruise the prospective students around campus,” Meinert said.

Click on the audio to hear more about why Meinert created Davis Pedals.

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