Special education classroom suffers vandalism

Vandals broke into special education class C-4 on Feb. 2, breaking a window and stealing numerous valuable technology items.

By Jackson Masiel
BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

Broken glass, jumbled furniture and a looted classroom was the scene discovered by the first paraeducator to arrive at class C-4 at 7:30 on Feb. 2.

Home to Davis High’s special education classes, the room was entered through a shattered main window. 

According to teacher Debby Covert, almost all of their pricey technology was stolen, including six Chromebooks, several iPads, a projector and a laminating machine.

The students frequently use the Chromebooks and iPads during class for both work and entertainment purposes.

In response to the break in, Covert and special education teacher Leti Sevilla relocated the students to the library and new All-Student Center.

Sophomore Francesca Bastino noted the unfamiliarity of sudden re-location, and is upset about the lack of classroom security.

“I think we really need to get a guard dog,” Bastino said.

Throughout the day, Maintenance and Operations staff from DJUSD cleaned up the site, removing the glass and patching up the window with a large wooden slab.

Despite the inconvenience, paraeducator Coleen Antonio appreciated the access to the All-Student Center.

“It is nice–finally there is an indoor place for the students to eat,” Antonio said.

According to Sevilla, the class will be back in C-4 and return to its normal activities on Monday. 

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