Students balance work and studies

A coach for Aquastarz, sophomore Daelin Johnson is still learning how to balance her job with homework.

By Averi Brayton, Staff–

With nearly 80 percent of students nationally working part-time in high school, it is not surprising that many Davis High students find themselves caught in a balancing act of employment and academics.

Senior Grace Mariano spends the majority of her time after school working for Davis Creamery in downtown Davis. Mariano, being a student athlete, has learned to work around practice days.

“I get my work schedule a month in advance, so I try to compare school work deadlines with the hours I get so I know when I have to do homework ahead of time,” Mariano said. 

Mariano has learned how to multitask during the day.

“I always bring my backpack to work, just in case it ends up super slow and I’m able to do homework there,” Mariano said.

Sophomore Daelin Johnson coaches for the local synchronized swimming team, Aquastarz. Johnson needed to adjust her schedule with the increase in homework sophomore year brought.

“I usually plan out and schedule what work I’m going to do that night and make sure I never get behind and even sometimes do work during lunch,” Johnson said. 

Johnson explains her scheduling tactics.

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