Zobot students enjoy trip to Catalina

Davis High students witness an amazing sunset while on their field trip to Catalina Island. (Photo: B. Verdiguel)

By Rayan Tilmatine,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Davis High students returned on March 2 from the three-day annual Zoology & Botany field trip to Catalina Island. The trip was a way for students to observe what they have learned in class among wildlife.

Students returned from the trip after learning about the ecosystem, while enjoying doing so.

Senior Nancy Avoce said it was a adventure she will not forget.

“It was nice witnessing different animals in different environments, but it was also fun going out with friends to do activities such as the night snorkeling,” Avoce said.

Senior Will Wyman said it is something he will think of when remembering my senior year.

“I had such a good time with such great people, how could this not be something I recall when thinking of my senior year?” Wyman said. “It was such a success it terms of educating and the social aspect just made it that much more amazing.”

Sophomore Gaby Tady was one of the only students in her grade that attended the trip.

“It was fun to experience and witness the different animals, but it seemed to be more fun for the seniors because they were all with their close friends and they seemed to enjoy it a lot more due to that,” Tady said.

Senior Lauren Bandy was more focused on the academic aspect of the trip.

“We were able to see living examples of things we’ve been talking about in class. I was able to enter a sort of new world and understand in real life how these invertebrates live.”

With the unique creatures witnessed reaching from lobsters, leopard sharks and lobsters all the way to bioluminescent algae, it is difficult to not students were not exposed to the ordinary.

“It was nice finally seeing something that a lot of people have never seen,” Wyman said. “It makes me feeling triumphant.”

I was blown away with the number of species in just one environment, it really puts the image of the world in a different perspective,” Avoce said.

Zobot teacher Sherri Sandberg as very pleased with the outcomes the students got outside of the academic learning.

“When asking students about their perspective of the trip, it seemed that people were able to reconnect with old friends and make new friends,” Sandberg said.

Sandberg mentioned how students had to test their limits, but she knew it was in their best interest.

“A lot of them really stretched themselves with what they’re used to doing. The long bus ride, the sleep schedule, there were a lot of things that were uncomfortable for some students – but when talking to them it was all worth it,” Sandberg said.

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