Baseball keeps things simple, comes back against Yuba City

Senior pitcher Owen Schwab only allowed a single run as a reliever.

By Amelia Biscardi, Editor–

Playing its first game at home, the Blue Devil men’s baseball team won a back-and-forth game against the Yuba City Honkers with a final score of 8-6 on March 9.

The game was full of opportune hitting and bad fielding on the side of Yuba City along with some solid relief pitching from Davis High.

In the second inning, Yuba City scored four runs and then scored one more in the fifth inning. Starting pitcher and junior Adrian Sanchez pitched 1 ⅓ innings. Then with the bases loaded, Sanchez was pulled out of the game and senior Owen Schwab went 2 ⅔ innings. Senior Ryan Holgate pitched the final innings.

Holgate’s mindset when he came into the game was pretty straightforward.

“Come [in] and throw strikes and not walk guys,” Holgate said.

Holgate played part of the game in the outfield and he was about to be up at bat when he had to run out and throw a couple of warm-up pitches and once he was pitching he kept it simple and focused.

In the third inning, DHS finally scored their first run and in the fourth they followed it up with five more runs.

Coach Dan Ariola was very impressed with how his team reacted to a rough start.

“We kept our focus after getting down 5-0,” Ariola said.

Ariola was very impressed by Nick Vogt’s game, which included a bases-clearing double and throw from the outfield to the plate to prevent a run when the game was tied 6-6. Vogt, a junior, also had three RBIs.

“When you’re working hard it makes it so much easier to play catch in the field,” Vogt said.

When he was up at bat, his attitude was uncomplicated.

“Try and stay cool and calm,” Vogt said.

In the sixth inning, DHS finally broke the tie and was able to keep the game going with two more runs.

“It was nice to get the home game in,” Ariola said.

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