Women’s badminton slams Rodriguez

Sophomore Lia Elms gets ready to serve the birdie while sophomore Maya Alexander waits in position.

By Maggie Warren,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The women’s varsity badminton team played Rodriguez on April 17, winning 12-3.

“Overall, everyone played their best,” junior Isabella Domby said.

Badminton plays teams in its league multiple times through the season. The women’s team has been working hard to get better and improve its overall strength.

“As a team we’ve also improved against Rodriguez since the last time we played them was in the beginning of the season,” junior Hannah Yoo said.

A struggle that the team faced was one player was sick and another had to step and help play doubles at rank four. They were able to preserve and win.

The singles ladder was able to sweep with all wins.

“Phoebe, Esther, Joyce, Hannah, Emma and I were all victorious in our singles matches,” Domby said.

As a team, they’re able to win during match play and outside of match play.

“I think a definite highlight of the season was just making friends with people on the team and everyone was always supportive of each other all the time,” Yoo said.

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