Long game against Jesuit ends in tough loss for Devil baseball

Davis High baseball listens to the National Anthem, preparing for a 10-inning game against Jesuit. (Photo: A. McCray)

By Lauren Keck,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The Davis High baseball team fought through a 10-inning game, but in the end Jesuit defeated the Blue Devils 7-10 on April 24. DHS stayed strong until the final inning where they struggled to bring anyone in to home plate.

Junior Jonah Henrickson pitched in his first game returning from a back injury that had kept him out for a week.

“I was excited to finally play a whole aftereek of being out. It wasn’t 100 percent but it was good enough that I could be competitive while pitching,” Henrickson said.

“Jonah, coming off a hurt back, made a great play in the first inning, knocking that ball down and getting it over to me at first,” junior Zach Carrell said.

Junior Nick Vogt feels the team did well and accomplished what it was out to do.

“We hit their best guy pretty hard. That’s all we were really trying to do is get their best guy out. It showed that we could hit their ace,” Vogt said.

Henrickson and Vogt were both excited to play against one of the best pitchers in the league.

“I knew we were going to see a pretty good pitcher, going to Stanford, nationally-looked-at guy,” Vogt said.

Carrell pitched from the first into the fourth innings.

“I struggled a bit in the fourth inning with hitting the strike zone and also there were some close calls that I didn’t get. It changed the outcome a little bit,” Carrell said.

The Devils started off ahead of Jesuit.

“In the first inning we were up 4-0. Just everybody did smart baseball, moved guys over, people tagged up, ran the bases well and we just did what we needed,” Vogt said.

During the ninth inning, there was a play that got Vogt out and sent senior Ryan Holgate back to first. With three balls already called while Vogt was up at bat and Holgate at first, a pitch was thrown that Vogt thought was a ball. The umpire did not call it, so Vogt started to walk.

Holgate stole second during this but the umpire then said that it had been a strike, so Vogt was out and Holgate had to walk back to first.

“I wish we got that run when we needed it most,” Vogt said.

DHS played hard, and the players were proud of the team.

“A lot of guys stepped up, did their jobs, coming from off the bench trying to get a spot and that really stood out,” Vogt said.

DHS kept up with Jesuit until the end. The tie ended with Jesuit scoring three runs in the last inning.

“In the end we had a couple streaky innings that led to another three runs and then in the extra innings when it was tied up, the other three runs just got away from us and we couldn’t get them back,” Vogt said.

Although the extra innings went long, the players stayed strong.

“It was a long game but you just got to stick with it and keep fighting. I was really happy with the way Jonah was pitching. Usually he only stays in for one or two innings but he stayed in there and kept fighting for us,” Carrel said.

Henrickson continued to pitch through the tiring end.

“I was getting tired but I wasn’t going to take myself out of the game. I started missing spots and getting behind in the count and their hitters made me pay for it,” Henrickson said.

The last inning was hard fought as the team still went for the win.

“I was feeling anxious, I wanted to get that win. I wanted to see it happen, especially against Jesuit,” Vogt said.

The team was hoping for a victory, but the players won’t let this get them down.

“The last inning we just couldn’t manage to get one run which is disappointing but it happens,” Carrel said. “We’re just going game by game and trying to win every game.”

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