Men’s lacrosse leads Davis to a tight win on Senior Night

Before the game, the men’s lacrosse team celebrated its seniors.

By Sophia Lodigiani, Staff–

Davis took Jesuit 8-7 in the men’s Senior Night game on April 25.

Senior Blue Devils were celebrated before kicking off the game against Jesuit. Seniors Bradley Kishaba, Brandon Pacciorini, Cole Koeberer, Jack Shields, Jimmy McGlynn, Nate Soeth, Neil Welch and Wade Matern had the opportunity to walk across the field with family by their side, as the announcer told of their favorite moment in their lacrosse career and of their plans for the future.

After the ceremony, with the seniors in high spirits, the game kicked off with an immediate goal from Kishaba.

In return, Jesuit went on a spree, getting four balls in a row into the back of the net before Koeberer broke the streak with a goal of his own.

Junior Sam McGlynn and Soeth each scored to tie the teams up by halftime.

Kishaba made one in in the beginning of the second half, assisted by McGlynn and followed by a Jesuit goal. With a vibrant quarter break fresh in their minds, Kishaba and McGlynn teamed up once more to get another point. Following the assist, Soeth and McGlynn both made strong goals.

Jesuit, in a final attempt at a comeback, got two shots into the net, but it was not enough to reach Davis’ lead.

“Everyone really stepped it up this game. The defense locked it down and we were able to get some great momentum and execute,” junior Ryan Fisk said.

Coach Mikie Schlosser was very pleased with their performance, saying, “they really believed in themselves, I think that was a huge thing.”

Despite the setback Jesuit gave the Blue Devils in the first half, “we were able to take them, and people were able to pick each other up and keep battling the whole time,” Schlosser said.

Up next for men’s lacrosse is a battle against Granite Bay on April 27.

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