Review: Deadpool is back for round two and hopefully not going anywhere

By Claire Stevens, Staff–

Deadpool is back– better and also somehow more Deadpool-y than ever. The second movie in the franchise, creatively named “Deadpool 2,” released everywhere May 18 and was packed full of all the things that made the first movie great, as well as a slew of awesome new characters and a kicking plot.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) hasn’t lost his potty mouth, flair for the dramatic, or quippy, sarcastic sense of humor. The fourth wall breaks, and cartoonish gore and beloved crocs are all back as well.

Speaking of what’s stuck around from the first film, Dopinder (Karan Soni) is back with a new ambition, and, as could be expected, he is a joy to watch. Forget Vanessa, its Dopinder and Deadpool who are the dynamic duo.

It’s no surprise that “Deadpool” has been as successful as it has. The film nails an audience who have grown up watching superhero films, and after the 18-some Marvel flicks that led the way to “Infinity War,” are about ready for something a little (or a lot) more grown up.

Plus, the film is full of references and jokes that hit just about all of the Marvel superhero guys, from Captain America to Black Panther. In fact, the movie is so full of pop culture and other movie references that half the fun of the movie is picking them out.

Another thing that “Deadpool 2” gets oh-so right is the soundtrack. Tyler Bates is responsible for the music and just about every scene is boosted by perfect track choices. Even if you don’t go see the movie, the soundtrack is a must-listen for fans of the 80s and EDM.

While maintaining all of the elements that made Deadpool great, there’s no danger that the series is stagnating. Following a major tragedy for Deadpool, he starts to make some new ‘friends’ with a colorful cast of characters.

Domino (Zazie Beetz), one member of Deadpool’s new squad has given me a new answer to, “If you could have any superpower what would it be?” and Peter (Rob Delaney) has given me a realistic example of how most of us would perform if thrust into a superhero movie.

Fifteeen-year-old Julian Dennison is also incredible as Russell, also known as Fire Fist, and gives Deadpool another shot to show us his charming, underdog nature.

It’s exactly that underdog nature shared by a massive number of characters that makes everyone in the movie so likeable. You don’t care if Deadpool is skewering people left and right or mocking a blind elderly woman because he’s been through a lot and you know his heart is in the right place–eventually.

Just don’t forget your ID when you head to the movie, the R rating is not a question.

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