Students reflect on “Angst” screening

Many students and parents found the film “Angst” very helpful.

By Hannah Cho, Editor–

Many students, parents and teachers gathered at Brunelle Hall to enjoy the screening of “Angst,” a movie about anxiety this Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

The film consisted of three major parts: what anxiety means, the different consequences of having anxiety or disorders pertaining to it and how to prevent such feelings and behavior from interfering with our everyday lives.

The movie shares these three elements in the form of a story through a collection of interviews with psychologists, students suffering from different types of anxiety, and their parents.

One part of the movie that aroused sympathy among students was the parent-child relationship. Many students are afraid to tell their parents about anxiety or they feel as if their parents do not take it seriously.

“I don’t have an anxiety disorder, but I do feel stressed out a lot, especially because my workload is a lot heavier this year,” junior Emily Jao said. “It’s hard to speak up [to my parents] about it though, because they won’t know and even I don’t know if it’s anything serious.”

Others took note of the coping mechanisms for panic attacks and general anxiety.

“I think the movie was useful for everyone, whether they have serious anxiety or not,” sophomore Caelan Rairdan said. “I will definitely use some of the strategies, like focusing on breathing or the clock ticking, to help myself calm down.”

Juniors, who are facing what is believed as their most rigorous year in high school, can especially relate.

“I thought the movie really accurately portrayed a lot of the anxiety students have due to school,” junior Elaje Lopez said. “I feel the same way, when everything becomes too overwhelming at some point and you think about everything you have to do. I thought that was really relatable.”

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