CSU workshop enlightens students, parents

Davis High hosted its annual California State University workshop in the Brunelle Theater.

By Jenna Dyer,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Sacramento State University outreach counselor Amy Saldana informed students and parents about the CSU system, the application process and everything it entails at the annual California State University (CSU) workshop on Oct. 4 at Davis High.

The CSU system has a total of 23 campuses across California. This fall’s application period starts Oct.1 and ends Nov. 30.

The presentation began with an introduction from DHS head counselor Catherine Pereira.

“[Parents and students] will learn about the different CSUs, how to apply to the schools and what information they need to report,” Pereira said.

To begin the presentation, Saldana overviewed the different campus locations and what each one has to offer.

“Each campus has its own personality and academic focus,” Saldana said “All the CSUs are totally different.”

During her presentation, Saldana described what the CSU system was and what benefits students receive if they attend.

“There are many different unique majors depending on where you go […] but make sure your campus has your program,” Saldana said.

Ensuring a student’s comfort with where he or she is attending university was a large point of her presentation.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to take a campus tour,” Saldana said.

Saldana added that the CSU application applies to all 23 campuses, meaning a student only needs to fill out one application, but he or she still must pay to apply to each individual school.

Senior Alli Ayers attended that event, and felt that it was very helpful.

“The workshop helped relieve some of my college application stress because it gave me an outline of what I needed to do and where to start,” Ayers said.

“[The application] is a lengthy process, give yourself time,” Saldana said. “If you have questions, reach out to someone [at the campus], to walk you through it.”

The event ended with questions mostly coming from parents, and some students following up on specific needs and interests.

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