Homecoming week? More like BDP week

The 2016 Davis High football team participates in the annual homecoming parade. This year’s parade will take place on Oct. 19. (Photo: HUB archives)

By Chris Plasterer,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Arguably the most important week of the school year has finally dawned. That is right, homecoming is finally upon us.

Homecoming brings with it so many options to show school pride, but this raises the question: with such a large selection of festivities to partake in, how can I get more involved?

Fret not–Davis High offers many ways to participate in Homecoming week and show your Blue Devil pride.

Float building is a fantastic way for the student body to come as one and express their uniqueness. For sophomores, the float theme is the 1950s, and the actual construction will take place near the agricultural barn on campus.

The junior theme for the parade is the 1970s. They will be building their float in Winters at 6376 Putah Creek Lane.

The seniors are representing the 1980s, and the float will be designed and built at the Bunfill farm.

All float building will take place after school.

Aside from the class camaraderie, students who assist in float building can reap other benefits as well, such as winning the float contest and actually being on the float.

ASB senior vice president Jake Goidell sees other advantages as well.

“They can build school spirit, class pride, have fun with friends, and make new friends,” Goidell said.

Another way to show off school spirit–but with a more personal flair–is through the spirit days.

The spirit days are as follows: ‘Merica Monday, Beach Boy vs. Flower Child Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday 80s edition, Only ‘90s kids will remember:Prep vs Grunge Thursday, and finally Blue Friday.

Engaging in spirit days is the easiest way to participate, and can brighten someone’s day by showing off one’s creativity and spreading their school spirit among the student body. Senior student government member Rachel Hedman always loves seeing the students express themselves.

“I love seeing everyone’s outfits and how creative people are,” Hedman said.

Creativity is an attribute that student government is really emphasizing and heavily encouraging.

Senior Iain Smith recommends that students “just wear whatever [they] feel matches the spirit day and be as crazy and wild as [they] can.”

Students can also expose their hearts and spirit at Friday night’s football game when the visiting Franklin Wildcats play the Blue Devils. The JV game will start at 5 p.m. and varsity kicks off at 7 p.m.

Homecoming week does not end with the final buzzer, though. The Homecoming dance will be held after the game from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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