Spirited students support ‘Merica Monday

Junior Ella Simmons (left) and sophomore Lily Gieschen (right) show their school spirit for ‘Merica Monday.

By Lauren Lee,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Davis High students celebrated the first day of homecoming week by dressing up to the theme of “’Merica Monday.”

Students bore the colors of the U.S., painted head to toe in red, white and blue.

“’Merica Monday has always been a tradition as the first spirit theme of every homecoming spirit week […] ‘Merica Monday is super popular,” said senior Maraia Tuqiri, secretary of spirit for student government.

Many students participate in spirit days but often not in the same way.

Sophomore Lily Gieschen was covered from head to toe in red, white and blue.

“I found anything that was red white and blue and found some way to wear it,” Gieschen said.

Junior Ella Simmons incorporated the colors of the flag with classic American Levi jeans into a simple outfit.

Senior Vera Resendez dressed in a red and white striped shirt with blue jeans, a laid-back nod to the stripes of the U.S. flag.

All three students agree that spirit days like ‘Merica Monday are a fun way to get excited for the homecoming football game.

“They [spirit days] allow me to be creative. People can interpret the spirit days in their own way and it’s fun to see what everyone does,” Gieschen said.

“Heck yeah, spirit days are really fun. Ssome of them are really hard to dress up for though because I don’t have a lot of weird clothing,” Simmons said.

“I think spirit days are fun because it’s a way for people to show their school spirit without being put on the spot,” Resendez said.

‘Merica Monday was the first spirit day at DHS for sophomores, who came straight out of junior high.

“[High school] is different because the themes and spirit days are different and there are more people that dress up,” Gieschen said.

The upperclassmen find that sophomores were not as excited to deck out in red, white and blue.

“In general […] more juniors and seniors dress up than the sophomores,” Simmons said.

“I definitely think that I dress up more now than when I was a sophomore just because I’m more comfortable with the school. I guess I have more school pride because I’ve been here longer,” Resendez said.

Even though the sophomores may not have as much school pride, the secretary of spirit encourages all to participate this week.

“The purpose of spirit days is to boost school spirit and create a fun environment for people to dress up and go all out. School isn’t only about grades and homework, it’s about being making memories and having fun,” Tuqiri said.


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