Your homecoming horoscope

By Lili Ma, Editor–

Whether you’re looking for love or just some time to relax look to the skies and see what’s in store, the stars are in your favor this homecoming!

ARIES: Start off your homecoming week on the right foot by letting go of a grudge, with Venus in retrograde and Mercury in your house of emotion it’s time to heal relationships. Don’t let yourself dwell on pain and find a compromise for that sticky situation.

If you’re looking for a date for the dance now’s your chance. Take a risk and put yourself out there on ‘Merica Monday.

As Tuesday comes around, don’t go too hard for the spirit days and instead re-evaluate your academic choices then go hard on Friday at the homecoming game at dance.

TAURUS: Monday’s is your day to get out there and get your flirt on! With Mercury and Venus in your relationship house you’re bound to meet that special someone to spend your homecoming night with. If you’re not looking for a relationship, get together with your group of friends and match for the spirit week themes.

If you’re feeling too honest on Tuesday, the planets predicted it. Just go with it and stick to your gut throughout the week, assert what you’re thinking. At the end of the week it’s definitely party time.

GEMINI: This week is for self care. Destress and maybe let loose and slow down your school work to focus on the fun week ahead of you.

Be aware of yourself and dress up for the homecoming spirit days however you see fit! Go hard or go home, don’t worry about what others will think of you this week is for you!

Also, stop hiding your true feelings and get it on with the one person you’ve been desiring to have a homecoming night with. Still don’t get yourself too deep and take it slow.

CANCER: Splurge on your homecoming week. Plan and buy extra props for the spirit week themes. Dress up hard for Wacky Wednesday while you re-evaluate your friendships.

Try and decipher those mixed feelings you’ve been getting from that one person, maybe you’ll even be in a relationship at the end of the week.

Whatever you do, just try and find a good balance. Cancer, it’s your time to find your own happiness. Try not to compromise your own feelings for others.

LEO: This week is full of weird surprises for you, Leo. First start off your week by addressing the small problems you’ve been having.

Try not to focus too much on the spirit week themes. It’s more about the small things that need to be focused more on this week for you. Still go to the game and burn out that stress you’ve been using to power all the energy you’ve been using to do work.

VIRGO: Be social, this is the perfect week to do that. Hang out with friends and make plans for Friday afternoon.

Decide what you want in your life this week. If you want to have fun do it, if you’re looking to find a proper relationship, weigh the pros and cons.

Even if homecoming is fun try to be rational, as Capricorn moon approaches.

LIBRA: Relax this week, try and hold off on schoolwork and instead relax and have fun in preparations for homecoming.

Get your life into order and try some mild planning. Instead of just winging the homecoming plans, try and outline what you’re going to do even if you end up giving up in the end.

If that someone who lives with you is giving you a tough time, now’s the time to address the problem so you can be carefree as the Hoco game and dance roll along.

SCORPIO: Your feelings will be leading you this week. Mercury and Venus will be putting your emotions in charge and you should just go with it. Start surrounding yourself with people who energize and care for you.

Make plans to be around the people a priority for Friday. Don’t let your friends ruin your fun. Forgot to let your date know something about how you’re feeling, text them don’t ignore yourself Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus is in retrograde so search your emotions to understand the grudge you’ve been holding. Your homecoming week should be one of relaxation. If that means not dressing up for a spirit day to get some more sleep do it.

As the week progresses think about your budget for the week. Maybe don’t go out to eat on Friday to have more fun at the game.

If that grade is keeping you from having the fun you’re looking for talk to your teacher and gett the grade bump you’ve been needing.

CAPRICORN: This is not the week to be sitting at your desk all day. Let go and have fun. Stop working and spare more time to have fun.

Indulge in homecoming fun. Volunteer to participate at the rally! Get with your friends and maybe even find someone who could be your significant other. Either way put down the books!

AQUARIUS: Capricorn is in a quarter moon so try not to let go of too much information this week. That one friend you’ve been confiding in might not be as trustworthy as you thought.
Unfortunately, this is your week to work and not play. Focus on developing the idea you’ve been having for that one project. Instead of being too social this week, stay home Friday and catch up on some alone time.

PISCES: Get out of the house at the beginning of the week. Maybe you’ll find someone new to hop into a relationship with. Start making plans for your halloween party week with your friends.

Also try new things! If you usually don’t dress up for spirit weeks try that and get out of your usual routine.

Capricorn is in your house of teamwork so maybe show up to the game and show off that blue devil pride.

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