Profile: Alyssa Yee

Junior Alyssa Yee tees off for a practice round. (Courtesy Photo: Vincent Yee)

By Gabe Lee Staff–

Junior Alyssa Yee first picked up a golf club when she was a 3-year-old. From there, she began competing in tournaments as an 8-year-old and has been a pivotal member of the Davis High program since she was a sophomore.

Entering the season, expectations were high for Yee having finished 4th in Delta League as a sophomore the season prior.

Yee stepped up to the challenge shooting a 76 at the first center match of the year, earning herself first place honors out of 43 competitors.

Yee is currently ranked first in the delta league and hopes to perform well in the upcoming sections tournament.

“I don’t have any expectations of going to masters or Norcal. As long as I get past sections I’ll be satisfied,” Yee said.

However, along with the top spot, comes a target on your back. This is a concept that Yee has grown familiar with.

“It’s a lot of pressure especially being number one. It wouldn’t be as much pressure if  I was number two. I know I have to hold the position to help the team.” Yee said.

Yee previously ran track and field and played on the DHS JV team for volleyball however feels at home on the golf course.

“Golf is not just skill, I think 50 percent of your game in golf is the mental part and the other 50 percent is the  physical hitting of the ball,” said Yee. “That takes a lot of practice and concentration and its hard.”

Women’s varsity golf coach Michele Salisbury has also noticed Yee’s passion for the game of golf.

“Alyssa is an extremely strong golfer. She is focused, driven, and determined. When she plays you can tell that is all she is focusing on is her golf game.” Salisbury said.

Despite her individual success, Yee also appreciates having teammates, a luxury she did not have when competing in individual tournaments.

“Playing as a team… there’s not as much pressure as playing in an individual tournament, if you play a bad round they’re always there to cheer you up after,” Yee said.

Not only does Yee hold the top spot on the team, her teammates look to her as a leader.

“I can tell the other golfers respect her for her game and the way she plays the game of golf,” Salisbury said.

Senior Jillian King has been a teammate of Yee’s since she joined the team last year and also speaks highly of Yee’s role as a leader and not simply an athlete.

“She is very encouraging and looks to help her teammates improve in their games. She is very easygoing and welcoming as well,” King said.

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