Davis High’s first Bike Club emerges

Junior Dice Ferrick, a newly joined member, unlocks his bicycle to bring it to Bike Club, so he can show the upgrades he has made to his ride.

By Jaspreet Baath,
BlueDevilHUB.com staff–

Among a vast variety of trophies in Michael Wright’s class, members of Bike Club meet every Tuesday to get down to the nitty-gritty of fixing and riding bicycles.

This school year, senior Jason Park noticed that biking, one important aspect of Davis High, was not represented and decided to start a club to bring bicycle enthusiasts together.

As the president of Bike Club, Park has been around bicycles ever since he was a little kid and even got around to building one of his own. He decided to use his knowledge to help other cyclists as well.

One of his main inspirations was MAST, the math and science tutoring club. Similar to how MAST tutors and helps studnets with math and science, Park wanted to use a similar concept except on bikes.

“I noticed many people struggle to fix their bicycles themselves and I wanted to tutor people and help them fix their own bikes,” Park said.

However, the club is not just for a beginner learning about bikes, but rather students of all skill levels.

For instance, advanced members can come together to teach others and discuss how to improve their own personal biking experience.

“Our goal is to encourage already good cyclists to join as well. As bicyclists, we are always trying to get better and better,” Park said.

Another aspect of Bike Club is taking long rides together in different environments other than Davis. One recent trip the club made was to Winters. Junior Charlie English, an active member, was one of the members who participated.

“It was a very different idea that I thought was weird at first, but overall it was fun hanging out with everyone and [biking],” English said.

The club has bigger plans for the future as well. They hope to organize events where members can educate and fix bicycles for other non-DHS students in the community.

However, one problem that the club faces is promotion, due to its recent formation. As a result, the members were not able to prepare for the club fair and have not made any posters. Park hopes to change that soon.

“Right now the hardest part is trying to get more people to join and come, but we hope that we can plan posters and hopefully through this article more people will find out about it too,” Park said.

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