Music on the quad attracts students

By Dahlia Kraus, Staff–

Words from the popular ‘90s song “The way You make me feel” by Michael Jackson fill the air. Nearby clusters of students eat their lunches, chat with friends and listen to the music.

Tunes from throughout the decades were played on Thursday during lunch in the Davis High quad as a contribution to the spirit of Homecoming week.

Lively students sang along to their favorite songs and even added in their own dance moves at times. Mainly seniors and juniors were attracted to the area by the music.

Davis High secretary of spirit, senior Maraia Tuqiri, ran the event.

“Organizing it is pretty easy,” Tuqiri said. Her student government teacher Anthony Vasquez met with administration to approve the event.

Then Tuqiri and the spirit committee configured a playlist of popular songs from the decades, with a focus on ’90s music because it was “Only ’90s Kids Will Remember” spirit day. A speaker was used to play the songs.

In past years, music was played for Homecoming week as an addition to other spirit activities. This year, the music was played separately.

“I thought we’d keep it simple so students can enjoy their lunch by listening to some throwbacks,” Tuqiri said. “We just wanted something that the students would enjoy.”

Senior Rachel Hedman sat with her friends while listening to the music. She said the activity “brings people together,” and thinks it’s a great way to get people excited for the Homecoming game and dance on Friday.

“It’s like getting people in the mood for a party,” senior Mar McCampbell said.

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