JV women’s soccer suffers loss to St. Francis

By Clara Ault,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

It was a disappointing loss for Davis High’s JV women’s soccer team Friday night as they lost to St. Francis 1-0 at Davis High.

The game was spent mostly on St. Francis’s half, with several attempts by Davis High that were unable to make it into the net.

“I think we had a lot of chances…we were on their half their entire game. They had one breakthrough and that’s just how soccer rolls,” sophomore captain Jillian Geist said.

The Troubadour goal came with 20 minutes left in the second half. Soon after, the Devil’s suffered another setback.

Sophomore Georgia Postema ran down the field with St. Francis sophomore Macey Wurm at her back.

The two fought for possession until they collided at the end of the field, and Postema lay motionless. The athletic trainer checked her out, decided that emergency medical assistance was necessary, and called for an ambulance.

Postema was rushed to the hospital to be treated for a broken left shoulder. The game later resumed, but ten minutes were taken from the clock in order to keep everything on schedule.

Despite the effort of Geist and her teammates, the Devil’s were unable to make a comeback.

“I think our captain Jillian Geist played really well, and I am disappointed that we lost because we should have won,” sophomore Eliana Enriquez said.

The Devils were upset, but not angry at their loss.

“We came here today to play, we played hard, so I’m proud of how we played,” sophomore Gabi Skilling said. “I think it was a disappointing way to finish the game. We got a lot more [attempts than St. Francis].”

This is the the team’s second league loss after they were defeated by Pleasant Grove on Wednesday, and their third loss overall.

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