Da Vinci advocates for funding at school board meeting


Photo: School board trustees address the community at Thursday’s school board meeting.

By Sean Gallagher,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff-

Da Vinci High students, staff, and parents requested that Da Vinci’s lack of funding for facilities be put on the future school board agenda at this week’s school board meeting.

Da Vinci has received recent funds from Measure M which passed during the November elections. Though the school district has  already created a master plan identifying the needs of the schools in the district, many do not believe the amount of money given to Da Vinci is sufficient for the facility issues they face.

According to Da Vinci staff member Kendra Norten, the Da Vinci campus is outdated compared to other schools in the district and does not reflect the quality of education happening at the school.

LISTEN to Da Vinci teacher Kendra Norten describe challenges the school has faced:

Students have found that the lack of quality facilities at the school has negatively affected their learning experience. Students also note that the parking situation raises some safety concerns.

LISTEN to junior Caerwyn Henderson describe concerns she has with Da Vinci facilities:

If the school board decides to adopt this into their agenda it will be decided on by the board at a future school board meeting. However, if the school board were to approve this, they would have to face the hard decision of where to devert the funding from.

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