Davis Democratic Club gets word out with Love Your Electeds Party

Photo: Elected officials and community members gather at the Love Your Electeds Party at Natsoulas Gallery.

By Natalie Bercutt,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff-

At the John Natsoulas Gallery on Feb. 10, a group of involved community members and elected officials got together for the Davis Democratic Club’s annual Love Your Electeds party.

Not only is this a place for people to meet their new elected officials, it’s also a chance for the officials themselves to speak about their work.

LISTEN to Yolo County Assessor and Clerk-Recorder Jesse Salinas speak about things he’s done with the county.

“Young people are not participating [in politics] at the level that they should be.” Salinas said in his speech. He hopes that activities such as the upcoming Youth Empowerment Summit will inspire young people to be engaged in politics.

Also in attendance was California Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry. Aguiar-Curry represents District 4 of California, which is made up of 6 counties, including Yolo County

LISTEN to Aguiar-Curry talk about why meetings like Love Your Electeds are so important.

The group has most recently worked with getting voters out to the midterm elections.

“This is a very active club,” said member Elly Faircloud. “[During the midterm elections] we helped with walking [precincts], calling…finding a way to get out the vote.”

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