Knudsen says Valentine’s Day grams were a success

By Averi Brayton, Staff–

Valentine’s Day has been stereotyped as a day full of chocolate, roses and teddy bears.  Yet what can you do when you do no’t have the time and money to buy these fun things for your friends?

At Davis High, student government offers all students to send each other Valentine’s Day grams.  These grams can be personalized for each one of your friends.

This year, junior Lucy Knudsen was in charge of the distribution of these special grams.

“We used some different candies rather than the traditional conversation hearts, but still kept a bit of that tradition by making the tags look like candy hearts,” Knudsen said.

This year they sold a grand total of 90 grams.

She is already planning ways student government can improve the grams for next year.

“Of course, we’ll probably mix up the candy again next year. It’d also be interesting to have a make-your-own valentines gram so students can choose what they give the recipients,” Knudsen said.

So keep in mind that you will have an efficient, cute way to appreciate your friends next year.

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