Academic center recognizes February student achievements

Various students and parents filed into the small academic center on Feb. 15 to have a pizza party to celebrate their academic achievements for the month.

The Davis High Academic Center gives out monthly awards to those it believes have tried to excel their learning. The award gives recipients another scale to measure their academic success outside of normal classes. Recipients receive a certificate as well as a gift card for their hard work.

There are five award criteria: assignments, attendance, effort, organization and grades. The Academic Center meets every month to assess the various students and how they meet the five criteria.

The center’s goal is to give recognition to students who usually would not get that recognition in their normal classes and spread education.

“We’re hoping that the subjects that we are helping them with they get better knowledge,” tutor Danielle Cisneros said.

“We give them advice, how to study and they feel more secure,” said Lizbeth Leon, a fellow tutor.

The Academic Center offers one-on-one help that students would not usually be able to receive in the classroom.

“I feel like it has helped a lot, they need that extra support,” Leon said. “They’re more motivated to try in their classes because they know they have a support system here.”

Classroom learning does not account for various difficulties that students face when learning.

“The academic center is available for everyone so anyone who needs help can get help here,” Cisneros said.

“They’re always a nice safe place to have lunch when I have nowhere else to go and when I need it I can ask them for help,” said junior Andrea Gudino, a receiver of the award.

The tutors have been a great help to students who use the resource properly as well.

“I think the academic center has benefited me from my coming in and different tutors who have different areas of expertise, and so I’m able to get help in a variety of subjects,” senior award receiver Alejandra Campos said.

This recognition is something that has encouraged students to continue.

“I’ve been nominated for the past two years so I’ve kept coming in here with the idea that this is encouraging,” Campos said.

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