Lego Movie 2: “Everything was Awesome-ish”

By Jaspreet Baath, Staff–

This weekend, the sequel to the blockbuster hit “The Lego Movie” was released and ultimately failed to live up to the “awesome” expectations set by the original.

The story revisits Emmet, Batman and Wyldstyle coming together once again to restore the world that was destroyed by aliens, who sucked up all the fun and creativity. Only Emmet can think outside of the “Lego-Set” to save his friends and universe.

The animation and variety of action returned to the sequel and continued to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, trying to keep track of the flurry of Legos flying around on their screen forming a variety of new creations.

Classic characters returned while new creations and Lego worlds also joined the adventure and participated on the big screen which engaged both new and original creators.

It added humor throughout and kept, but addressed the annoyance with the “everything is awesome” song multiple times. In addition, the movie returned with the clever self-referential humor that was able to remind every Lego fan of their own experience and struggle of playing with Legos.

However, the plot failed to capture the audience and relay a message that truly affected and touched the hearts of any child or adult that has enjoyed building with the tiny blocks.

The first movie was able to utilize Emmet and Wyldstyle to convey the problem of a conflict between a strict Lego enthusiast and a young child wanting to express his own ideas.

It ultimately showed the audience that instructions were not important and that everyone should be able to display their inner creativity.  This aspect of the original helped it continue to live in the hearts of every enthusiast and creator long after the end of the movie.

However, the sequel failed to do such. It had no strong underlying message besides attempting to include the moral of working together and playing together which seemed like an afterthought rather than the centerpiece of the story.

Instead, the previous tales of Emmet, Batman and Wyldstyle continued to develop as they grew and improved their friendships and skills, with the background story rarely being mentioned or referred to.

The fact that the two stories failed to connect with one another just made the main message of the movie blurry and instead left the audience annoyed that the content interruptions of the change in stories.

Overall, for anyone who ever built something out of Legos, this movie is a must see and the action and humor is something that cannot be missed. However, for the enthusiast who wants something extra from the movie, it will leave a feeling of disappointment.

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