Colored contacts trend takes over DHS

PHOTO: Senior Jazmin Roberts started the trend of wearing colored contacts and it has since caught on at DHS.

By Aleena Yarovaya, Staff–

As senior Jazmin Roberts strolls through the halls of Davis High, she gets several strange looks from fellow classmates who notice something different about her.

Is it a new haircut? New shoes? A new piercing? No, she is wearing her new blue colored contacts, switching up her look from her natural brown eyes.

The newest trend at DHS was started last fall by Roberts, when she wore blue colored contacts for Halloween. The trend has since been picked up by many of her friends and others around the school.

“It’s super fun to just change them whenever I want, I’ve also been able to start a sort of movement with my friends and it’s really fun to see other people get contacts and see how it changes the way they look,” Roberts said.

According to some, the reason for their popularity is that they are a new and fun way to spice up a look and change things up.

“I just did it because they looked good on my friend Jazmin and it was something new my friends and I wanted to try and since I wore contacts regularly I wanted to switch it up and get colored ones,” senior Maraia Tuqiri said.

Those who love wearing these contacts not only wear them for special occasions or to dress up, but also whenever they feel like it, whether that’s going to school or for a Halloween costume.

“I just wear them whenever I feel like it honestly, sometimes I’ll wake up and I’ll feel like wearing normal contacts or my glasses or colored contacts, it just depends on how I’m feeling,” Roberts said.

Roberts orders her contacts online from COLORCL contacts, and she mainly wears a blueish-green pair from this brand.

Although the trend has grown in popularity, colored contacts are not for everyone.

“It’s so weird how people are wearing colored contacts because everyone knows it’s not real and it just looks unnatural,” senior Jayce Tracanna said. “You’re born with your eyes for a reason and changing it doesn’t look normal and it just doesn’t fit who you are.”

Roberts still wears the contacts, despite the differing opinions. “When people hate on them it’s kind of a bummer, especially since it’s just supposed to be fun!”

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