REVIEW: Four Seasons Gourmet Chinese Food offers bang for your buck

By Gabe Lee, Staff–

Contiguous to the local Chevron station lies Four Seasons Gourmet Chinese, a restaurant that serves self-proclaimed authentic Chinese cuisine.

Although many Davis residence do not know the restaurant exists, Four Seasons Gourmet is somewhat of a hidden gem.

When you enter, the small waiting area is modest but the dense crowd hints at good quality food.

Upon reaching the register, you are met with warm and welcoming customer service and your food arrives in a reasonable time.

The restaurant boasts a diverse menu offering an array of classic Chinese dishes, ranging from dim-sum to soups and even duck. These options are both tasty and cost-effective.

However, not all of their food is as monetarily sound.

The seafood section of the menu is both overpriced with entrées as much as $13. They are also not as good as other options.

The main event however, is the lunch special menu. The establishment sells lunch specials as late as 9 p.m., meaning you do not have to settle for a mediocre dinner.

The special menu offers chicken and pork dishes served over rice for only $6.45 and beef and duck for only $7.95.

Do not let the cheap prices fool you, as the specials are both delicious and substantial.

Although some of the specials could stand to lose some salt, by and large they offer a large portion of superb food that is as authentic as it gets in Davis.

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