A guide to spring break fun

PHOTO: A picnic in Davis is one way to have fun while staying local over spring break.

By Viktoria Anderson,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Stuck at home refreshing Instagram over break? Whether you stayed to save money, had other plans or simply needed some down time from studying, these ideas you probably haven’t thought of before may help to make the days more enjoyable.

If at home…

  1. Take a day to clean, rearrange and even redecorate your room. As the cold winter months turn to spring it can be refreshing to liven up the room that has most likely become your winter den. Stores know this and currently offer many good deals on home decor–Target has up to 25 percent off in their spring home stock-up sale.
  2. Ask a sibling or parent to go on a movie marathon with you every night over the course of week. Long series such as “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” can be spread out during break so that every night is something to look forward to. Bake some cookies beforehand so that it really feels like the middle school sleepover days.
  3. Invite some friends for both you and your parents and have an outdoor barbecue dinner. Make a playlist of old and new songs and take the time to be off your phone and live a little in the moment. If it’s raining, you could even buy an assortment of ingredients and make pizzas from scratch (make it a competition to have some fun with it).

If in Davis…

  1. Spring has returned and so have picnic nights at the Davis Farmers Market. Bring a blanket, friends or family and a pair of dancing shoes to Central Park on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. for a night of local food, drinks and live music. This week’s performance genres include folk, bluegrass and rockabilly blues.
  2. Every Thursday night from 9–11:00 p.m., Woodstock’s Pizza hosts a free trivia night. You can form a team of three to six people and compete against others for prizes while enjoying everyone’s favorite food. For a twist, bring another set of friends who make a second team and and compete against each other.
  3. Davis Jazz Night takes place Friday, March 29 at the John Natsoulas Gallery from 7–9 p.m. This free event welcomes all to enjoy a night of live jazz throughout the decades. Bring a romantic interest and it may just feel a little like “La La Land.”

If local…

  1. A day in San Francisco allows for a getaway feel and a mini road trip that can be done in a day and won’t break your wallet. Ask some friends to do a girls/guys trip and go to Fisherman’s Wharf, Six Flags or a cable car and shopping. Or take your boyfriend/girlfriend for a weekend getaway including visiting museums, recreating artsy photos and hopping on a Golden Gate Cruise.
  2. Morgan’s Mill in Woodland has the best local waffles by far and tastes even better paired with a decorated cappuccino or latte. They invite a musician or band and host a live performance every Friday at 8 p.m. and now that it’s spring these mini concerts will take place out back under the string lights. Bring a friend or two for a lovely, nostalgic night that will for sure provide some picture perfect Instagram shots.  
  3. Start your weekend off with some swing dancing at Midtown Stomp in Sacramento every Friday night. Entry fee is 10 dollars on DJ nights and 12 for live music (check their website for the weekly schedule) and the dance is from 9–2 a.m. with a an optional introductory lesson at 8 p.m., included in the cost. People of all ages and walks of life dance and sing along all night in the beautiful ballroom studio and it truly takes you away to the 1920s for a few hours.

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