REVIEW: 7-Eleven boasts the best slurpee in town

PHOTO: Junior Emma Dean enjoys a slurpee to kick off the start of the warm weather this spring.

By Jenna Dyer, Staff–

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and everyone knows what that means–it’s nearly summertime, the most anticipated time of the year for nearly every high school student.

What’s that perfect way to make a summer day even better? A cold slurpee.

Some may prefer other cold beverages to distract themselves from the grueling heat, such as lemonade or iced coffee. I, however, am a strong advocate for the slurpee.

Why go to Starbucks and spend upward of five dollars on a cup of ice with a splash of coffee when you can find a slurpee at every quick mart in town, for a fraction of the price?

But with so many slurpee options, how do you know which to choose, considering taste, price, and variety of flavors?

After exploring a number of different stores, like Target, ampm and 7-Eleven, I found that 7-Eleven presented customers with the best options.

When you walk in, the machine is glowing in the back corner, almost summoning you to it. Their flavor variety is wild, to say the least. While Target only had four flavors to offer, 7-Eleven offers customers a whopping eight flavors.

They also have many specialty flavors, aside from the originals such as cherry, Coca-Cola and blue raspberry.

The prices can’t be beaten. The small is priced at $1.19 and the large is $1.79. Which beats out Target by about 50 cents.

While the flavors at both 7-Eleven, Target and ampm are all adequate and similar, it is the price and variety that makes 7-Eleven standout as the winner.

So this summer when you are out and about, looking for a good way to cool off, remember that 7-Eleven is definitely the way to go for the best slurpee in town.

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