REVIEW: New Starbucks location provides great study space

PHOTO: The new downtown Starbucks store has a modern flair and a perfect environment for students looking to hit the books before finals week.

By Tess McIntyre, Editor-in-Chief–

The perfect study spot: comfortable seating, open space and of course, wifi. All this and more are provided at the new Starbucks location on Second Street and F Street. The chain’s new location is across from the old location on Third Street and F Street, which closed to yield way to the new store.

The food and drinks are the same quality that one could find at any Starbucks, but the area has a more modern, relaxed feel.

The space is much larger than that of the old store. While the old Starbucks was cramped and had limited seating, the new building has a much wider variety.

While there is a decreased amount of places to sit outside, the plethora of different-sized tables and chairs indoors make up for the lack of outdoor seats.

Also improved, the area for customers to wait for their drinks is larger. In the old store, the waiting area was restricted to an area mostly taken up by a display stand. In the new location, the waiting area is an open space so patrons can enter and exit quickly.

Additionally, there are bike racks outside the store for cyclers to easily park their bike, grab a snack or drink and be on their way.

The staff is very friendly, and it seemed that one of the baristas already knew a few regulars in line. The service was very fast, and even during lunchtime when business increased, orders were promptly fulfilled.

Overall, the new Starbucks is a major step-up from the old downtown store. The open area and relaxed atmosphere lend to a productive studying environment for students to sip on their caffeinated drink of choice and settle down to study for finals.

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