How to find a summer internship

PHOTO: Davis High’s Career Center offers resources for students seeking internships in the area.

By Viktoria Anderson, Staff–

As the applicant pool stretches between high school students, college students and college graduates, summer internships have become more and more competitive.

However, due to increasing need and popularity, the number and quality of internship-finding resources is also growing.

College Board has an entire website program to guide potential interns to success both during the application process and after they get the job.

The program recommends researching all your options in order to see all the benefits you will receive, besides money if the internship is paid.

Working in an internship can show you what the professional working world is like from an inside perspective, help you choose a major in college or help fuel a career path and provide you with connections to people who may be of resource later on.

Lauren Berger, author and national internship expert, advises getting organized before you begin your research. Create a list of goals, gather necessary materials, such as an updated resume and letters of recommendation, and make a list of professional contacts.

After research and planning, she recommends applying to a minimum of 10 internships as you are likely not hearing back from some. Also, be open to revising your materials as needed to ensure you get a few interviews.

To start, Davis High’s Career Center has resources available to find local internships. You can come in during the school day to discuss interests and potential career paths to find a job that will cater to your needs. Julie Clayton is available during these hours and by email to receive advice or recommendations for your interests.

Other resources available to DHS students include a direct link on the DHS website to a large list of job availabilities nearby. You can search by geographic area depending on how far and often you are willing to commute.

Naviance also has a section titled “Enrichment Programs” under the “Colleges” section with internships recommended to you based on your college and career interests.

Additional websites with internship opportunities include, which lets you search by employer, date, field and location, for opportunities in foreign countries and, which offers internships at nonprofits.

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