Powderpuff spirit week pumps up students for the big game

PHOTO: Junior Lia Elms simply puts her hood up to transform into her last-minute kermit meme costume.

By Lindsey Su,

BlueDevilHUB.com Editor–

From babies to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a comical variety of outfits appeared throughout the week leading up to the Powderpuff football game.

The week started off with “Meme Tuesday,” where students dressed up as their favorite meme or vine. Popular characters included The Rock, the Arthur meme, and fake mannequin heads.

Junior Lia Elms dressed up as the evil Kermit meme.

“It was last minute and I didn’t really know what to do, so I picked an easy meme that I thought would be funny,” Elms said.

Following “Meme Tuesday,” Davis High students took a trip on the wild side on “Wild Wednesday.” Dressed like they were from the savannah, students wore a variety of animal printed clothes. Many students chose to wear clothing items that were cheetah printed, while others wore snakeskin print or zebra print.

Junior Ainsley Dahl wore a cheetah print shirt with khaki shorts and a camo bucket hat. A lot of the clothes she finds don’t come straight from a store.

“I usually go to Goodwill the Sunday before a spirit week. Also, my cousin who went to DHS a few years ago has a bin of clothes that I use,” Dahl said.

On Thursday, sophomores, juniors and seniors wore clothing from different generations for “Generation Day.” Sophomores dressed as babies, juniors wore clothes from their parents’ closets and seniors brought walkers to school to act like grandparents.

Senior Lily Heilmann, dressed in a pink cardigan, brought a walker around school for the day. Senior Maraia Tuqiri rolled curlers in her hair and put on a floral skirt. Junior Cory Kodira sported a visor and a polo shirt to capture the “soccer dad” aesthetic.

Finally, students celebrated their patriotism on “Freedom Friday.” Dressed head to toe in red, white and blue, students got hyped for the Powderpuff game that night.

“I thought ‘Wild Wednesday’ was really original, we’ve never done that before in my three years here. I also really liked ending with ‘Freedom Friday,’ I think it’s really cute,” senior Rachel Hedman said.

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