PROFILE: Emi Wong strives for success in school and sports

PHOTO: Out of the three sports she plays, Emi Wong enjoys playing soccer the most.

By Kate Macaulay, Staff–

Sophomore Emi Wong prepares for the day by packing several sport bags and her backpack, double and even triple checking to be sure she has everything to be successful during her long day.

This year, Wong is playing three sports: soccer, softball and track.

Wong has played soccer for 10 years, softball for five and has just started track this year. “My favorite [sport] is soccer because I’ve been playing it the longest and it’s the most fun to play,” she said.

Although Wong has never played all three sports at once, finding the time to get everything done in one day is still challenging.

“The most difficult part of playing multiple sports is time management, scheduling things outside of the sports I play and going to two practices in the same day,” Wong said.

Balancing school and multiple sports, Wong ensures that she is always on top of her work, and even tries to get it done ahead of time whenever possible.

Despite her packed schedule, Wong’s softball coach Amy Bosworth finds she is “a hard worker and is always in positive spirits.”

After observing her for two years of coaching, Bosworth has seen Wong develop not just as an athlete, but as a person too.

“She has made herself a dependable and consistent player that her teammates and coaches can rely on in any situation,” Bosworth said. “I am proud of and admire her leadership.”

Wong and Bosworth met in the spring of 2016. Wong stood out to her coach because of her skills as a younger member on the team.

“Over the years, and especially this season, she has developed into a highly disciplined but relaxed athlete,” Bosworth said.

As a coach, Bosworth is open to Wong’s choice to take on several sports at once and recognizes the time commitment that must take. Bosworth advises all multisport athletes to be “resilient, communicative, and forgiving yourself if you can’t give it your all some days.”

At the end of the day, Bosworth sees sports as a place for self-development to thrive. The goal isn’t to be the best player on the field, but to play the best as possible.

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