Biotech to be omitted from Davis High courses next year

PHOTO: Many students were surprised to learn that the Biotech class will not be offered next year and have been readjusting their plans.

By Hannah Cho, Editor-in-chief–

With Biology teacher Ann Moriarty taking a leave of absence next year for personal reasons, there will be changes to come in the science courses offered at Davis High. One of these changes is the omission of Biotech.

This sudden change poses problems for students, especially juniors, who relied on Biotech as their practical art requirement; they will now have to select an alternative to meet the requirement before graduation.

Junior Emily Jao is one example of such an instance; she saved Biotech for her senior year so she could spend more time on classes that were more important to her during her sophomore and junior years.

“I thought I had my schedule planned out pretty well, so it sucks that I’m going to have to change it,” Jao said. “I have to look for another class that I might not really want to get my practical art credit.”

The unexpected omission also frustrated many students whose interests were in the Biology field and were looking forward to taking the class.

Davis High alumnus Daniel Chao, who is now a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at UC Davis, looked back on his experience in Biotech two years ago.

“I remember learning many very useful lab skills during the weekly labs that we would have during block periods,” Chao said. “You get a glimpse of what research is like in the real world.”

“I think it’s quite unfortunate that there won’t be that class next year,” Chao continued. “Hopefully the current high school students will be able to find their career interests through other means.”

While this change is inconvenient for many DHS students, it’s a reality they will have to accept. In terms of course scheduling, counselors will be looking at the alternatives students chose back in March.

If you need your practical art requirement for next year, here are some things you can do:

Request to take another practical art class. The following practical art/CTE classes are offered at Davis High: all the Agriculture classes–except Chemistry and Agriculture, Integrated Agricultural Biology, the Art and History of Floral Design and Independent Study Agriculture– Advanced Automotive Technology, all the Computer Science classes, Drafting, Stagecraft Production, Multimedia Journalism, Consumer Math, all the Robotics classes, all the School Service programs and Environmental Science.

Another option is to take a practical art class online. Speak with your counselor about which classes are approved by the high school.

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