Graduating with goals in mind

By Lindsey Su, Editor-in-chief–

For senior Emma Nance, being social and making new friends and memories was a goal she wanted to accomplish. “It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn’t want to look back on my high school years regretting not being as involved as I could’ve,” Nance said.

Most high schoolers have a common goal in mind: to graduate. Although this is important to many, some students have taken it upon themselves to set other goals throughout their time in high school.

Nance worked towards accomplishing her goal by participating in events and spirit days, because she wanted to make lifetime bonds with her fellow high schoolers. Also, Nance made sure to join clubs and teams at the school where she could meet new people.

Senior Albert Chang has decided to focus on his wellness. He wanted to stay stress free and happy throughout his high school years.

While enrolled in several challenging AP classes, Chang says that he, “just [tries] to have a positive mindset going into every day.” He adds that this will also be important in college because he going to be in a very demanding environment.

In addition to keeping his mental health in check, Chang also set academic goals. “One of my goals was to get into college but it was not too hard to accomplish. I just knew if I put in effort on a daily basis, I would most likely be fine,” Chang said.

Senior Jayce Tracanna also had multiple goals that focused on balancing multiple aspects of his life. “My goals were to be happy and to maintain a social life and keep up my grades simultaneously,” Tracanna said.

While maintaining good grades in his challenging classes, Tracanna attended many DHS sporting events with his friends to support the school.

Chang, Nance and Tracanna all plan to continue focusing on these goals in the future. With their college and careers ahead of them, they believe that working on these goals, along with new ones specific to their situation, can help them succeed later on.

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