Assemblies mark the beginning of a new school year

PHOTO: Seniors look on as Principal Tom McHale welcomes the class during fourth period on Nov. 6.

By Juju Miyamoto, Staff–

Throughout the day on Nov. 6, different periods signaled the sophomore, junior and senior classes to attend an assembly in the North Gym. To provide news and an introduction to the entire student body, Davis High administration got together to organize an informational presentation.

As students entered the gym and settled into the bleachers, Principal Tom McHale stood front and center to greet the crowd. Behind him was a projector screen with a presentation ready to be conducted. 

During the assembly, staff from the administration introduced themselves, including the counseling and safety officials. Information such as how to keep up with DHS news and what Friendship Day is were in the assembly presentation as well.

Essential staff from Student Government also greeted their respective classes during the assembly.

“We were really excited as Student Government because we have been hoping to have an opportunity to talk to each class individually and get people excited for this year, especially for us seniors- we wanted to spread the message that this year is about being spirited and excited and as involved as we can be our last year on campus,” senior class president Sophia Fingerman said.

Sophomores entered the gym during second period, followed by juniors then seniors in periods three and four. To the returning Blue Devils, the assembly symbolized the upcoming year.

“The principal gave us a warm welcome while helping us know what was waiting for us in the coming school year,” junior Puck Reusken said.

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