McDonald’s reopens after store makeover

PHOTO: After four months of renovation, Davis’ McDonald’s reopens to the public with many new changes.

By Dahlia Kraus, Staff–

Davis High teacher Doug Wright pulled into the Davis McDonald’s drive-through with his kids on Sept. 4, the same day the store reopened after renovations since April 1. 

Wright has lived in South Davis for about 20 years. For his convenience and his kids’ enjoyment, they frequently McDonald’s a few times a month. He jokes that “everyone got a little healthier over the summer” due to McDonald’s closure.

Wright’s McDonald’s experience on opening day was “way better” compared to before renovations. Most noticeably for him, the food tasted better because “the burgers were really hot and juicy.”

Senior Daelin Johnson also visited McDonald’s after the renovation, but she did not notice a difference in the food.

Overall, Wright got the sense that McDonald’s is really focusing on improving the quality of their customers’ experience.

During renovation, the entire building was torn to the ground and rebuilt, according to area supervisor Artuto Trejo. 

“[McDonald’s was] janky, shady, and the play structure was dirty,” DHS senior Kyle Witkop said. The old play structure existed since he was a baby, so he was glad to see it go.

“It feels bougier now that it’s renovated. I don’t feel bummy going to McDonald’s,” Witkop said.

The most prominent difference about the building’s exterior are the two drive-throughs, instead of just one.

The change to two drive-throughs confused Johnson at first because she did not know if there was a certain one she was supposed to use. “I wasn’t expecting there to be two […] I was a little stressed, but it was fine,” Johnson said. 

Wright noticed the drive-throughs now enable you to exit while waiting in line, which he likes because if you change your mind about eating there, you can escape instead of being trapped behind a line of cars.

Witkop also appreciated the new drive-throughs because “it’s faster, and if you’re ordering [at] the same time as someone else you can race them [to see who receives their food first].”

PHOTO: Fresh landscaping adds to McDonald’s renovated exterior. 

The interior’s most significant change are the four kiosks. The new equipment entails a faster system where customers digitally place their orders themselves. In addition to processing credit and debit cards, the kiosks take cash and even coins.

McDonald’s will gladly assist customers who still want to order through an employee, or help customers function the kiosk, according to Trejo. “We’ve elevated our serving experience to where we interact with our guests more,” Trejo said.

Customers were at first unsure how to operate the kiosks, but he sees people are getting comfortable using them. Witkop found the kiosk very convenient.

PHOTO: The kiosks are touch screen operated and include steps that instruct customers how to place their order.

Customers expressed they like the interior’s attention to detail, according to Trejo. Daelin agrees that the building is especially clean now, and Witkop likes the nice modern layout.

“Before this the Davis McDonald’s was the worst in Yolo County, but now it’s up to par with the others,” Witkop said.

PHOTO: In McDonald’s newly designed interior, customers eat their dinners. McDonald’s is currently open from 5-1 a.m., but is “looking to extend business hours from 5-3 a.m. in the very near future,” says Trujo.

However, during Witkop’s visit, he was disappointed to be denied ice cream because the machine was broken. “Then your day’s ruined,” Witkop said half-jokingly.

Trejo explained that almost all the machinery is new, so the ice cream machine may have just been out of order for cleaning at the time.

It’s too soon to see how the renovations will affect McDonald’s business, but “I think it’s going to be a big hit for us,” Trejo said.

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