New parking lot rules to be enforced

PHOTO: Parking enforcement in Davis High’s parking lots will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

By Morgan Kong, Staff–

Parking enforcement in Davis High’s parking lots begins this Wednesday, Sept. 18. Anyone who is parked in designated spots like staff spaces or handicapped spot and does not have the necessary permit, or otherwise does not follow the rules, will be cited and given a ticket. 

“[Parking enforcement will] come around potentially two, three times a day and make sure that you know, people don’t get too comfortable,” said Marc Merritt, the campus safety supervisor.

Enforcement is managed by the City of Davis and the police department.

Typically, if Merritt sees a student that is parked somewhere they aren’t supposed to, he will “give them a warning, then if they persist then [he] would point it out to the park and enforcement and [they would] come through.”

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