The hard work behind Back to School Night preparation

PHOTO: Members of Student Government set up for the fundraiser in the quad.

By Lyle Hahn, Staff–

The Davis High student government set up the fundraiser barbecue for the beginning of Back to School Night on Sept. 26, at 5 p.m. The menu consisted of hot dogs, burgers and veggie burgers, along with drinks.

Those involved in student government stood or sat at tables in the quad near the south gym. The tables were full of condiments and chips, along with ice chests full of soda and other cold drinks.

The student government sold the burgers and hot dogs for $4 and the drinks for $1. They also sold extra DHS shirts for $3 apiece. 

“We have a bunch of old shirts and it’s always good to have other people representing the school,” said Liam Swenson, the junior class vice president and lead organizer of the fundraiser.

The old grill that the student government had was only hot enough to cook the hot dogs, so they needed to scramble to find one for the burgers. They managed to seek out a replacement by talking to Alexander Hess who was able to lend the student government a grill from the Future Farmers Association. The Burgers were back on the menu. 

Prior to the event, Student Government emailed clubs to offer an opportunity for advertisement at the fundraiser. Only the feminism club was out advertising. The club came “because we wanted to raise money to get t-shirts for our club,” senior Sophia Candelario said.

Junior Student Government member Eli Yasui was surprised at the small number of clubs that showed. “I think this is a great opportunity for clubs to advertise to parents at DHS,” Yasui said. 

The end of the student government’s involvement was the beginning of the actual event. At 6 p.m., Principal Thomas McHale gave a presentation to the parents about the general values of the school after the Madrigals sang the National Anthem. 

McHale introduced the administration and the counseling staff along with the president of the Parent Teacher Association, Joy Klineberg. 

Meanwhile, the teachers were finishing their final preparations for presentations to parents before the parents came into their rooms. 

Math teacher Kurt McCormick puts his talking points up on the blackboard behind where the parents sit so that he does not forget them.

“Being a parent, I focus on what I would want to know” McCormick said. McCormick had posters that his students had made for a lesson but said that he did not intentionally plan the posters for back to school night. 

Environmental Science teacher Eric Bastin used a PowerPoint presentation that he has prepared. The PowerPoint involves how to contact him, the grading method and what the class covers.

The library does a similar level of preparation, according to teacher and librarian Bruce Cummings. Cummings knows that the parents are encouraged to visit the library and will answer questions if he is not talking with the parents of his own students. 

After the parents have visited each of their child’s periods in order, they will have finished back to school night.

Jim McKinney, the parent of a junior at DHS, feels that back to school night is important for the parents. ” [It] lets us parents get a little glimpse into what our kids are doing every day,” McKinney said. 

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