Stories from the past and present show changes in Homecoming

PHOTO: This year’s Homecoming rally featured old and new rallying chants that were led by senior Allison Gunther and shouted back by the student body.

By Tobias Kim, Staff–

With different perspectives, stories about Homecoming are different, proving that Homecoming has and is continuing to change. Michelle Higuera, Brent Meyer and Catie Fee have all had completely different experiences with Homecoming.

Davis High has upheld the same traditions and routines for Homecoming every year. There has always been a parade on Friday afternoon, a football game in the evening, and the dance afterwards. Yet there also have been so many different changes to Homecoming throughout the years. 

Brent Meyer, a 1984 DHS graduate, thinks that quite a lot has changed about Homecoming since he left. 

Meyer’s Homecoming experience wasn’t very thrilling. He did not have any significant moments, and didn’t remember much because he was focused on waterpolo. 

“I don’t remember much about spirit week, and people definitely weren’t as DHS prideful. Kids are a lot more excited about it more now,” Meyer said. 

Another DHS alumni, Michelle Higuera, had a completely different Homecoming experience 28 years later.

Higuera, who is currently a math teacher at DHS, had a memorable Homecoming. She, like Meyer, only attended one dance, but remembers students and teachers being extremely spirited. 

“I took part in the spirit days, most people did. I wore enough for people to see that I was participating,” Higuera said. 

Higuera remembers that quite a few alumni came out the year she went to Homecoming and joined in the festivities. She had a lot of fun at the dance as well with a couple of other friends. 

“It was surprising and kind of cool to see how many people came back and still had Devil pride even after graduating,” Higuera said. 

Both alumni also remember the football team playing badly. However, that’s beginning to change. In the last two years, the football team has won most of their games.

“They had to move the football game my sophomore year so we wouldn’t be blown out,” Higuera said. 

Catie Fee, who is in charge of the Homecoming rally for Student Government, also thinks that Homecoming is changing.  

“Administration has become more strict about spirit days; they don’t let us do whatever we want anymore. We have to ask permission,” Fee said. 

Fee has been to three dances– twice with friends and once with a date. As a student she has a lot of fun, but as a member of Student Government she says Homecoming is exhausting.

“After school, we have to go downtown to get ready for the parade. Then Student Government also sells t-shirts at the football game, so it’s just a stressful day,” Fee said. 

While much has changed, all three think that Homecoming should continue. 

“I definitely think that it is a fantastic tradition,” Meyer said. 

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