Teachers dress as “The Breakfast Club” for spirit day

PHOTO: Five teachers at Davis High put their own spin on a pajama spirit day inspired by the movie “The Breakfast Club.”

By Shira Kalish,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Five Davis High teachers teamed up to dress as the main characters from the 1985 movie “The Breakfast Club” for Homecoming week’s fourth spirit day, which centers around the high school comedy-drama film.

On Oct. 10, teachers Eileen Guerard, Michael Murphy, Shenandoah Kehoe, Christine Baker and Kurt McCormick replicated the movie’s iconic team of varying high school stereotypes. They came to school donning wigs, letterman jackets and 80’s-style outfits to depict the five vastly different teenagers who learn to understand one another when they are forced to endure a Saturday detention together.

“I think that movie is a really nice encapsulation of the high school experience,” said Kehoe, who organized the group costume.  “It’s realizing that when we break down the walls of our differences, we’re all the same. When people truly know about each other, they will empathize.”

Baker, whose chosen character John Bender is nicknamed “The Criminal,” also recognized the movie’s theme of celebrating differences. “He’s the most opposite of me that you can find. I’m a total rule follower. It’s freeing sometimes to see from other points of view,” she said.

Guerard dressed as Allison Reynolds, the quiet outcast nicknamed “The Basket Case.”

“She’s one of the most complicated characters because we don’t know a lot about her background besides that her parents ignore her,” Guerard said. “My sister is definitely gothic, so I wanted to channel that.”

Kehoe’s character was Claire Standish, the popular girl nicknamed “The Princess.” Molly Ringwald portrayed Standish in the film. “I really admire Molly Ringwald as an actress and as a person,” Kehoe said.

McCormick dressed as Andrew Clark, “The Jock,” and Murphy chose Brian Johnson, “The Brain.”

Although “The Breakfast Club” was the theme for the spirit day, students and staff were told to wear pajamas rather than something to do with the film.

“It’s sad that spirit days aren’t reflective of the movies,” Kehoe said. “I wish there were more teachers who participate in them.”

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