Wednesday’s pink spirit day honors both “Mean Girls” and breast cancer awareness month

PHOTO: Girls channeled their inner “Regina George” for the pink spirit day building up to the Homecoming events on Friday.

By Alana Turner, Staff–

For Wednesday’s Homecoming week spirit day, students wore pink in honor of the popular film “Mean Girls,” but many were also motivated by a more meaningful purpose.

Everywhere you looked there was pink, whether it be a small accessory or a full pink-themed outfit. Sophomore Becca Blum planned her spirited outfit in advance, which involved a pink shirt and scrunchie. Sophomore Liam Kinney proudly wore a pink shirt.

“I’m glad we got to wear pink today because it’s my favorite color,” Kinney said. 

Other students participated by dressing up in their favorite movie-related apparel. Sophomore Peyton Schoen loves the movie “Mean Girls”, so she wore jeans and a pink tank top that were inspired by the characters in it. 

“I really felt like I was transported into the movie today at school,” Schoen said. “There was so much pink.”

In addition to the Hollywood-inspired attire, many students showed their spirit for a different reason. Many wore pink on Wednesday, Oct. 9 to shine light on the issue of breast cancer and support survivors of the disease. 

“I’m wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness and just support the ones who are struggling,” sophomore Julian Johnson said.

Johnson, along with many other Davis High students, knows someone who is suffering from breast cancer, and understands how reassuring it can be to see peers and teachers showing their support.

“At the end of the day, the only way we can get through hard times is if we help and support each other,” Johnson said.

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