Student Government prepares for Homecoming dance

IMAGE: With this social media post, Student Government notified students that tickets to the Homecoming dance of 2019 have sold out in the week before the event.

By Bryce Barker, Staff–

This year, Student Government has spent lots of time preparing for the Homecoming dance, designing with the theme of old Hollywood.

Student Government members have spent many hours on the dance, whether that be working on a poster during class or going to various stores to buy supplies.

“We have probably spent over 50 hours collectively working on this dance,” said Sandy McGlothlin, who is in charge of the dance committee.

McGlothlin believes that Homecoming is not an easy dance to prepare for. 

“There’s lots of money to be spent on a dance like Homecoming; we want to make it as memorable as possible,” McGlothlin said. “From paying the DJ, to the police officer and the decorations, we’ve spent around $2,000 on this year’s dance.”

Dance helpers have to set up the day before the dance. They blow up balloons for the balloon arch, roll out the red carpet, set up the game areas and lay out the snacks.

This dance is a team effort; the whole Student Government class is involved, from helping make posters to selling tickets. “Our finance officer Mikayla and our advisor Mr. Vasquez have both been huge parts of making the process run smoothly,” McGlothin said.

 “This dance is going to be the best Homecoming yet so we encourage all to come,” McGlothin said.   

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