Halftime: bubbling with fun

PHOTO: Cheerleaders perform a practiced routine during the halftime show at the Homecoming game on Oct. 11.

By Jihan Moon,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Student Government planned a bubble soccer game during the halftime show at the varsity Homecoming game. In the game, players wear blow up hamster balls while they play soccer.

The teams’ hamster balls were colored blue and red, and the seniors competed against the sophomores. The game ended with a tie of 3-3.

“Looking a little feisty,” the announcer said as the blue team scored their first goal.

It seemed like an easy victory for the blue team, having scored the first two goals, but the red team came in strong. After a little back and forth, the red team scored two goals in a row shortly after the one minute mark.

After the game ended in a tie, there was a short overtime that also ended in a tie.

There was a minor bubble bouncing battle between two blue team members and one red team member, but it was short with no interruption necessary.

Bubble soccer has been done during the halftime show in previous years. It was popular and “everyone was engaged,” according to senior Eliot Liederman, a member of Student Government.

The dance and cheer team performances were held prior to the bubble soccer game. The dance team of nine people performed to “This Girl” by Cookin’ on 3 Burners.

“I had so much fun performing the dance tonight! It’s my last Homecoming performance ever because I’m a senior and it was amazing to get to do it with the best team,” senior and dancer Elaje Lopez said.

The cheer performance wasn’t as smooth, according to the cheerleaders.

“We couldn’t hear the music. It made our counts start off on the wrong time,” varsity cheerleader Julia Garcia said.

They have been practicing this routine for a week or two, but it could have “used a little refinement” according to Peyton Schoen, a member of the JV team.

To finish off halftime, the Homecoming Royalty were paraded by the stands.

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