Pep band banks on junior high band teachers without Thomas Slabaugh

PHOTO: The Davis High prep band performs for the Homecoming football game on Oct. 12.

By Genna Olavarri, Staff–

The Davis High pep band is experiencing difficulties in the height of football season. Despite being primarily student-run, the pep band is “definitely more disorganized [without Slabaugh],” according to junior Gracie Westergaard. Slabaugh has been absent due to medical complications. 

With just 30 minutes to rehearse prior to their performance at the game, there was confusion during the event about when or what the band members were playing next. 

“It’s a little bit of not-so-much communication,” sophomore Elie Bukowski said. “But it usually works out,” fellow sophomore Santiago Mackenzie said. 

The junior high band teachers have been filling in for Slabaugh as the “certified adult in charge,” according to Nancy Sanchez. Sanchez is the band teacher for Harper Junior High and was at the Homecoming game in place of Slabaugh. 

Under the leadership of Sanchez, the senior pep band leader Will Phillips took an even more important role during the game. “Leading the band is the main job,” Phillips said. He is in charge of calling cues, keeping the tempo and announcing the next song. 

“He keeps the band playing like a team,” sophomore Gavin Huang said. 

He also is in charge of keeping the band members on task, some of who do not yet attend DHS. Freshmen from the various junior highs were invited to play at the Homecoming game in addition to the participating Blue Devils.

For these guest musicians, it may be their first time playing with the DHS pep band, and it is usually their first time playing those pieces of music.

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